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Timely Aluminum Boat Repairs Insure Your Safety on the Water

When it comes to Aluminum Boat Repairs and repairs to Aluminum Canoes, there is little room for procrastination.
Cracks and signs of metal fatigue need to be addressed as soon as they appear in order to insure that your craft does not need a complete aluminum boat transom replacement and is water-ready and safe to navigate.

Some of the more common aluminum boat repair problems that we see at Paramount are:

In addition to aluminum boat repairs, we also perform fiberglass repairs, including:

Paramount even excels at custom boat graphics!

Structural Damage Aluminum Boat Repairs

This can arise from a variety of sources, from dock and boat collisions to hitting a hidden water hazard. Any of these can end up requiring immediate attention, especially with regard to damage leading to boat hull repair. Structural watercraft damage necessitating aluminum boat repairs can even stem from excessive turbulence in the water.
Sometimes watercraft can incur damage simply while being towed on a trailer.

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When it comes to Aluminum Boat Repairs and Repairs to Aluminum Canoes, there is little room for procrastination.
That’s why it’s wise to do 2 things:

  • ALWAYS inspect your watercraft prior to launching it in the water
  • IMMEDIATELY have any compromising damage repaired by a professional Aluminum Boat Repair Center like Paramount.
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Chemical Corrosion in Aluminum Boats and Aluminum Canoes Will Only Grow

Chemical spillage in an aluminum boat can quickly lead to problems that compromise the craft’s stability and soundness.
Even soda pop and beer can lead to corrosion if not immediately cleaned and treated with soap and water.
And the hard alkaline water found in Northern Nevada waterways can also corrode aluminum boat structure.
Once aluminum boat corrosion takes hold, it will only spread until it is treated.
Eventually, your watercraft will no longer be safe until it undergoes professional aluminum boat repairs like those found at Paramount.

Be Watchful For the Signs of Aluminum Boat Metal Fatigue

Aluminum boat metal fatigue gives off the telltale sign of color change, possibly accompanied by pinholes and a powder buildup at the seams.
This color change is generally due to electrolysis stemming from the breakdown of the metal structure from chemicals, composites and contaminates.

Remember: Electrolysis is to aluminum what rust is to steel!

It goes without saying that these signs of stress signal a need for professional aluminum boat repair while the damage is still manageable.
The decision to remedy the damage earlier rather than later will not only save you the cost of further repair costs, but also may save your life.

Aluminum Boat Cracks Can Lead to Structural Fractures and Failure

Cracks in aluminum boats usually appear in 4 places:
   •  At the welds where they can be caused by stress factors
   •  On the motor transom at the rear of the craft
   •  On the forerunners on the bow of the boat
   •  At the mounting points of bass boat seats

No matter where they first appear, aluminum boat cracks will only spread and lead to boat leaks…or worse. One thing is for sure. The longer you wait to have a boat crack repaired, the higher the cost of repairs to your aluminum canoes as well as that of your aluminum boat repair.

Choosing the Right Aluminum Boat Repair Keeps you Afloat

Paramount RV Repair in Reno is Northern Nevada’s Premier Aluminum Boat Repair Facility.  Paramount also services aluminum canoes.

Other related Paramount RV Repair capabilities include:

Paramount RV Repair is also highly qualified in fiberglass repair, gelcoat repair, composite repair, carbon fiber repair and custom boat graphics.

Attention Bass Boat Owners!
Paramount’s Boat Repair Expertise also applies to bass boat seats and bass boat deck repair, along with any boat hull repair or aluminum boat transom replacement that you may require.

Paramount’s Aluminum Boat Repair Guarantee

All aluminum boat repairs performed by Paramount RV Repair come with a 1-year parts and Workmanship Warranty.
Paramount’s warranty must be serviced by Paramount RV Repair or approved by Paramount RV Repair prior to any emergency repairs that would fall under our warranty coverage.

Customers Trust Us

Since 1977, The Waldren Family has been providing Northern Nevada with quality repairs and exceptional service to our customers.

Our knowledgeable staff has over 85 yrs. combined repair experience along with a dedication to serving the RV and boating community, which places Paramount in a class by itself for Northern Nevada Boat Repair.

Insurance Companies Compensate Us

Paramount RV Repair performs boat repair work from aluminum boat repair to bass boat repair and bass boat floor repair to fiberglass boat floor repair to fiberglass boat transom repair covered by all insurance companies as well as most manufacturer warranties and extended warranties.

When it comes to aluminum boat repairs, today’s insurance coverage negotiations are intricate and can be complex in light of not only repair issues, but also safety considerations.
That’s why it’s in your best interest to have Paramount negotiate your aluminum boat repair costs and coverage, to insure the optimum result for you, our customer.

Paramount also sells nationally-recognized  extended warranties Protective Logo - Reno NV bass boat seats.
Extended Warranties for Boats and Personal Watercraft.

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Monday thru Friday

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