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Paramount Welcomes Insurance Work


Since 1977, Family-Owned and Operated Paramount Auto Body has performed Auto Body Repairs to the highest standards in the industry.

Our addition of RV Service and Repair has expanded our capabilities, but has not replaced our commitment to being Your Preferred Auto Body Repair Shop.

Paramount's professional Auto Body Collision Repair and Auto Paint Shop technicians are experienced in:
• Complete Collision Repair
• Frame Straightening
• Automotive Painting with Precision Color Match
• Glass Replacement
• Fiberglass Auto Body Repairs
• Aluminum Auto Body Repairs & Welding
• Alignments & Mechanical

National News about Auto Insurance Repair Schemes

In addition to Auto Body Repair and Painting, Paramount offers these supplemental services when preparing your auto collision estimate:
• Diminished Value Assessment
• Total Loss Valuation
• Purchase of Your Accident-Damaged Vehicle

"Great job and great service."

- Steve F.

Our scope of services and history of excellence has propelled us to recognition as one of the best auto body shops in Northern Nevada.

Because of Paramount's long-standing policy of
"Customer First" we believe in the Importance
of an Informed Public.

We at Paramount make it our business to share our knowledge and expertise about Auto Body Repair and Automotive Painting with our appreciative customers, who value the education we can deliver regarding the oftentimes confusing policies and procedures that they encounter in working to achieve automotive body repair.

In clarifying how things in the Auto Body Repair business really work, we help customers understand the facts that support making the right decisions when dealing with automotive body repair.
The Facts About Auto Collision Repair
Please take the next 15 Minutes to learn The Facts About Auto Collision Repair. It's information that you won't find on any other Body Shop website, or learn from your insurance adjuster.
It contains advice that will serve you well when you find yourself in
need of Auto Collision Repair services, especially when covered by
any auto insurance plan.
You'll see why, even though our work is compensated by all insurance companies, Paramount is very selective about insurance companies with whom we establish referral relationships, insisting that it is critical to forge those relationships with companies "of like mind", equally dedicated to excellence in workmanship with safety at the forefront of every repair.

Over many years of participating in managed auto body repair programs with insurance companies, Paramount has witnessed what happens on both sides of the insurance company/claimant scenario, along with the current state of decline of insurance company managed programs.
Some Hard Facts About Auto Body Repairs

It's Not Only About the Actual Auto Body Repair, But Also About the POLITICS of the Repair That You Need to Know to Avoid Being Caught Up in "The Network"!
The Truth About The Network
It's important to know that, unlike most medical programs that are also reliant on networks, with car insurance-related repairs there
is no additional out-of-pocket expense that exceeds your deductible
if you go "out of network" of their preferred auto body shops
for repairs.
The freedom of choice is truly yours, as is the right to
choose wisely.
"The Network"
Right out of the gate, insurance companies will "strongly suggest" body shops that are within their network of repair facilities.

Here are 7 of the ploys that they use:
#1 "We won't guarantee the repairs if you use that auto body
      repair shop"

The truth is that you have a contractual agreement with your
insurance company.

This contract covers the restoration of your damaged vehicle relative to Safety, Function, Appearance and Value.
If the collision repair shop that you choose doesn't make the auto body repairs correctly, it is an issue between the insurance company and the repair shop.

An insurance fraud dispute between the insurance company and the auto body shop does not relieve the insurance company of the obligation to restore your damaged vehicle relative to Safety, Function, Appearance and Value.

"I won't take my car anywhere else."

- Ed B.

Paramount's Limited Lifetime Warranty Guarantees Your Auto Body Repair For As Long As You Own Your Car.
That's the strongest guarantee you'll find!
#2 "It could cost you more if you use that auto body
      repair shop"
In some instances, repairs compensated by the insurance company don't align with those recommended by the vehicle manufacturer's repair recommendations. So it could cost you more if you elect to pay for repairs above and beyond what your insurance company has deemed suitable for your safety.
Otherwise, you may end up authorizing only those repairs that your insurance company will cover and, as a result, you accept the associated liability.
#3 "We can't help you if you have a problem with that auto
      body repair shop"

There are conflict resolution procedures in place that must be
honored by law.

Paramount is a Consumer Advocate Auto Body Repair Shop, so we always go the distance to assure your satisfaction with your repair while offering assistance where your insurance company may not.

In fact, Paramount can even offer you assistance with issues you may have with other auto collision repair companies, especially when you feel that you've reached the limits of their cooperation in facilitating a proper repair to your vehicle. And this service extends to work performed throughout Northern Nevada.

A Diminished Value Assessment prepared by Paramount can help you secure the fullest extent of compensation for damage caused by
your accident.
What You Should Know About Diminished Value
Even though your car could have been repaired to the highest standards in the industry, the value of it has been reduced due to the damage that was done.

When you've been hit, you're entitled not only to have your car repaired, but also to a Diminished Value Allowance, simply because your repaired vehicle can never be returned to its original value.
You have up to three years to submit a Diminished Value Claim, provided you have not signed a release form with the
insurance company.

Diminished Value is compensation frequently overlooked in the processing of accident claims.
Just as you're in the driver's seat when operating your car, Paramount helps make sure that you stay there when navigating through the obstacle course of your auto body repairs, keeping you in charge of how the process travels to completion.
Maintaining control of that process is your right, but not always an
easy task.
Paramount helps you preserve and protect that right.
#4 "We can get your vehicle repaired more cheaply at
      another place in town"

Put it this way…would you seek out the cheapest surgeon to perform a procedure that will have ramifications for the rest of your life? Isn't that what a collision repair is…work performed on a vehicle within which you entrust your life every day?
An insurance company trying to "get a deal" on your repair can put you and your family at risk in the long run.
Their "deal" lines their pockets, with little regard for your safety. There is absolutely no financial benefit to you when your insurance company insists that you shop discount repairs. But the quality of the repair will have long-lasting effects on you and your safety on the road.

#5 "You must use one of our recommended auto body repair
      shops to be covered"

Nevada State Law states that you have the right to choose your automotive body repair facility.
Your insurance company cannot dictate to you where to take your car for repairs that are covered by your policy, as stated in NRS 690B.016 and NRS 597.535.
When choosing among collision repair shops, it's your right to select the one that you feel is best qualified to satisfy your needs.

#6 "If you use one of our preferred auto body repair shops,
      your car will be first in line, and you will get it back
      sooner than at another shop"

Quality auto body repair takes time, no matter where you take your car. Paramount immediately begins work upon receipt of your vehicle, and carefully facilitates every step of the process, from repair estimate to paper processing to thorough assessment of accident damage to implementation of appropriate repairs by experienced technicians. No short cuts, just excellence.

#7 "We can't send somebody out to look at your car
      for 10 days"

Both your insurance policy and the insurance code clearly state that the claimant must make the damaged property available for inspection, but neither states that the repairs to the property cannot have commenced prior to that inspection.
Simply put, the collision repair process can start
prior to inspection.

Ask the question "Is my coverage for repair intact?" If the answer is "Yes", then that means Yes at any auto body facility of your choosing, signaling the go ahead to begin the collision repair process.


"Paramount is professional from start to finish."

- Anthony B.

Auto Collision Estimate Accuracy Programs Can Deter Complete and Safe Repairs
One auto collision repair estimate can differ greatly from another.
And each can vary in the manner in which it is created.
While an Auto Collision Estimate Accuracy Program sounds like a good stronghold against unfair practices affecting repair customers, it is anything but that.

Instituted by auto insurance companies, the Auto Collision Estimate Accuracy Program enforces compliance with Insurance Company Estimate Guidelines.

What it means is that auto body repair companies operating within these guidelines must write a collision estimate and repair your car the way your insurance company mandates, and not necessarily the way the auto manufacturer recommends.

What results is failure to notify and report additional structural damage discovered during the collision repair process, for fear of not making the Auto Collision Estimate Accuracy Benchmark mandated to auto body companies by insurance companies.

In other words, these collision repair shops have more loyalty to the insurance companies who send them your car to repair than to you, the customer, who will depend upon the repaired vehicle and its inherent safety every day.

This practice can, and has, led to incomplete repairs that don't address hidden damage that can lead to potential safety hazards, while diminishing the value of the vehicle.

The better option is to avoid this situation altogether by choosing an auto body shop that operates outside of any designated Auto Collision Estimate Accuracy Program, so that every part and every aspect of damage is carefully noted throughout the repair process, with emphasis on not only cosmetic appearance, but also structural integrity and safety, and fair compensation upon completion of the repair work.
Words of Wisdom
A Wise Man Once Said "Don't Trust Anyone Who Owes You Money".
Once you've had an accident, the insurance company
owes you money.
Aftermarket Parts Ratios
Auto body repair shops within insurance company networks are required to utilize a certain percentage of aftermarket or LKQ (Like Kind Quality) used parts in any repair…usually about 40%.
Departure from this guideline exposes the shop to expulsion from the program and, consequently, future insurance company referrals.

By nature, aftermarket parts stipulated in a collision repair estimate can often result in compromised repairs that are not a perfect fit. Alarmingly, most insurance companies require these parts be used in safety and structural areas in order to achieve their required benchmarks. This policy can result in compromised vehicle performance in the event of another future accident, endangering your own safety and that of your passengers.

Not only is this tactic unsafe, but it also diminishes the value of your vehicle. Paramount Auto Body can help you work through this insurance company practice by providing you with a Diminished Value Assessment reflecting the lasting impact that your insurance company mandates can have on your investment, whether you've been hit or you've had to apply the Uninsured or Underinsured clauses of your own policy.
Use of Aftermarket Parts
Pay close attention when you see the term "aftermarket parts" in your collision repair estimate.
Bear in mind that for every aftermarket part used in your repair, if a satisfactory fit is not achieved, insurance companies will request more aftermarket part substitutions, before resorting to a new part.
Makes you wonder why they are so insistent on including those aftermarket parts in the collision estimate.
Follow the money.
Our Financial Responsibility To You, The Customer
Insurance companies and the aftermarket parts suppliers have informed every collision repair shop on their referral programs that it is up to the owner of the vehicle being repaired to identify problems with any repairs utilizing aftermarket parts.
Only after the owner raises an issue will a repair using aftermarket parts be facilitated with new parts.

This policy of leaving it to the customer to point out aftermarket parts repair issues directly contradicts the reasons behind the selection of a reputable auto body repair shop of your choice:
expertise and disclosure.

Not only does this policy leave it to the untrained eye of the owner to point out mismatched parts and improperly functioning installations, but it also impedes preferred shops from having the ability to meet their own fiduciary requirements in your collision repair.

At Paramount, you enjoy the benefit of full disclosure.
Our customers are apprised of exactly what parts the insurance company plans on replacing in any auto body repair. We review with you the options that are available to you when preparing your collision estimate. That's been our policy since 1977, and we have no intention of changing it. This is just one more reason why Paramount has come to be regarded among the best auto body shops in Northern Nevada.

"The free loaner car saved my life."

- Kristi C.

Repair vs. Replace
Another mandate of insurance company referral shop programs is the
"Repair vs. Replace" dynamic.
Insurance companies have instituted a ratio guideline for repair of parts vs. replacement of parts in collision repair work.
The common ratio is 40% repair vs. replacement.
This means that insurance network shops will do their best to force shops to repair parts even when they need to be replaced, just to stay within those guidelines.

With a 40% repair vs. replace quota, combined with the mandated 40% aftermarket parts usage, you don't need to do the math to reach the conclusion that this approach does not work to the best interest of the person most directly affected by the integrity of the repair…you.
Top Priorities in Repair • Preserving Vehicle Value & YOUR SAFETY!
It isn't until you have an accident, and actually need your insurance company coverage that you're thrown into a world of equations, quotas, aftermarket parts and replace vs. repair quotas. Paramount believes that the most important considerations in addressing a collision repair are your safety along with the preservation of the value of your vehicle.
Hours per Day Worked
There is another factor to add to the insurance company body shop referral equation…Hours Worked.

Insurance companies determine the number of hours per day that they say a collision repair shop should work on repairing your vehicle. It's usually somewhere between 4 to 6 hours per day. However, the national average is approximately 2 hours per day.
If that guideline is not adhered to, then the repair shop becomes responsible for rental car expenses accrued while repairing your car.
With this policy in place, it's plain to see how rushing the work and cutting corners to elude these expenses can become standard practice, with quality and safety suffering in the long run.

At Paramount, we do what it takes to properly repair your vehicle to insure its safe operation on the road, and its value on the market.

While we realize that it's an enormous inconvenience to be without your personal vehicle, and understand the importance of getting you back on the road as quickly as possible, Paramount also subscribes to the philosophy that it takes what it takes as long as it takes to facilitate safe
and effective repairs.
We believe that no insurance company can put a price or ratio or
formula to that.

It's Your Car, Your Policy and Your Choice
You purchase auto insurance for your protection, and you carefully choose the best policy to suit your needs and budget.

Any insurance policy is required by law to restore your vehicle's function, safety, appearance and value.

Whether you've damaged your car, of if someone else with insurance has hit you, is of no consequence in the application of this rule. It is quite simply the law.
Never before in the history of the auto body repair industry has the decision of who will repair your vehicle been so important to you, the vehicle owner, which makes your education of the process even more essential.

The ramifications of that critical decision can impact your safety and that of your family, as well as the restoration of value to your automobile.

State laws clearly point out "It's Your Car; It's Your Choice".

Now, equipped with ALL of the facts, you can make an informed decision.
Your policy needs to be your assurance in covering vehicle collision repair costs, along with collateral damage that may be caused and any medical attention needed pursuant to the incident. It should also provide ample rental car coverage.

The Cure – Diminished Value Assessment
In our home State of Nevada, if your car is hit by someone with insurance, you are entitled to receive compensation for the loss of value that your vehicle has sustained, given that there is not a policy limits issue.

Devaluation occurs 2 ways:
1. Inherent Diminished Value resulting from the damage caused by
    the accident
2. Repair-Related Diminished Value resulting from cost-saving
    measures that insurance companies and referral shops may use
    during the collision repair process

Paramount can assist you with Documentation of Diminished Value for presentation to the insurance company for your compensation.

Some other action points that you can take to assure fair and appropriate compensation:
1. Become educated about the claims process
2. Demand that your insurance company negotiate in good faith with
    your chosen repair facility. You do have rights!
3. Enact the Appraisal Clause of your policy, if need be
4. Check your auto insurance policy for sufficient rental car coverage
5. Bear in mind that, if you've been hit, you can also exercise your
    option to pay additional costs out-of-pocket, and collect from the
    insurance company or in small claims court.

Selecting a good auto body shop that is willing to help educate you and give you appropriate documentation, while standing up for the repairs needed on your vehicle, can be compared to selecting a good attorney.
There are some who are there to help, and others who are there to simply take your money and benefit from your hardship.

Consumer Knowledge is Power
When you need to have your car repaired, there should be no doubt as to what needs to be done, since there are 3 Critical Crashpoints that serve as the guide to effective Auto Body Repair. Each of these should be of prime importance in generating a collision repair estimate.

Critical Crashpoint #1 – Structural Integrity
Your vehicle has "crash zones" that, by design, absorb energy in the event of an accident. These areas are designed to collapse during impact in order to create a "shock absorber" effect to safely protect your car's occupants. Only after careful inspection and repair to the structural frame and operating components, along with restoration of the built-in safety components of the vehicle, can it be deemed safe to operate and secure to industry standards.
This is not only important for the continued functioning of your vehicle, but also to insure that it will perform effectively in the event of a future incident.
Through careful inspection with attention to detail in the auto body repair process, you can be sure that your vehicle will perform as designed, with fully-functioning safety systems intact. That's the Paramount way.

Critical Crashpoint #2 – Parts and Mechanical Systems
Precise parts replacement has as much to do with the condition of the replaced part as it does with using the correct part. While used parts have become commonplace in auto body repairs, only recently have they been integrated into repairs that are made to critical safety systems, such as air bags and front end suspensions. Now repairs are typically estimated with used parts, and new parts have become the exception.

Repairs to the internal structure of the vehicle should restore its physical components to pre-incident operating condition to assure functionality and safety. That means parts replacement that is both precise and effective.

Your policy determines which parts your insurance company can specify for use to repair your vehicle.
The residual effect of this practice is that when another driver causes the damage to your vehicle, the "policy" plays into their coverage of your repair, meaning that when someone hits you, you get aftermarket parts in the repair.

Your rights with regard to appropriate compensatory course of action are determined by law.

Here are your options with regard to Aftermarket Parts
used in YOUR Repair:

1. Accept the part for use in your vehicle.
2. Select a collision repair shop that has a policy of documenting
    when aftermarket parts are not a good fit, thereby making your
    case for new part replacement.
3. Pay the difference in cost for the new part out-of-pocket.
4. If you've been hit, and are a claimant against the policy of the
    person who caused the damage to your vehicle, you can be
    compensated for the use of aftermarket parts in place of new
    parts. This is called a Diminished Value Claim.
5. If you've been hit, and are a claimant against the policy of the
    person who caused the damage to your vehicle, you can pay
    the difference in cost for new parts vs. aftermarket parts, and
    then collect that amount in small claims court.

Paramount Auto Body can help you work through this insurance company practice by providing you with a Diminished Value Assessment reflecting the lasting impact that your insurance company repair mandates can have on your investment.

Critical Crashpoint #3 – Cosmetic Restoration
Cosmetic restoration of your car's exterior is the most basic of auto body repairs, providing comfort that "all is well" again. Much time is typically spent perfecting the finish, because if the finish looks good, the car looks good and your car is better able to
holds its value.
But, while the satisfaction that your vehicle is looking good is important, so is the knowledge that the damage has been properly repaired. After all, your car is an investment, and you want to protect it. At Paramount, you get the best of both worlds…excellent auto body collision repair and outstanding visual appearance!

Sand Damage?
You're Covered Under the Comprehensive Portion of Your Policy!

Sand Damage Restoration
Sand storms and high winds can cause rock chips on your hood, bumper, lights and windshield. This type of damage is covered under the comprehensive portion of your insurance policy, and usually doesn't result in any type of rate increase, since it is considered an Act of God, and usually comes with a lower deductible amount than your collision deductible.
Insurance companies typically have what is called an "appearance allowance" for damage to mouldings, trim, etc.
Check your insurance policy for this coverage!

Sand can also wear away a car's paint and create conditions that result in rusting.
As long as it has nothing to do with overall vehicle safety, this appearance allowance may be applied to your deductible to offset the repair cost of automotive painting.
Sand Damage Can Threaten Safety
Safety concerns related to sand damage or pitting have to do with visibility, which can affect windshield clarity or headlight illumination. Be vigilant about managing the necessary repairs to keep this condition from jeopardizing your safety on the road.
Sand damage claims are commonly handled between the insurance company and the claimant, without the benefit of professional assessment from an auto body repair company. It is up to the owner to "point out" the sand damage, and only those points addressed will be repaired. Even if the claim is handled through an insurance company referral repair shop, it falls to the owner to identify the damage. Those repair shops are discouraged from examining and assessing the extent of sand damage
with the customer.

The overriding philosophy is to only repair what the customer identifies, and go no further.

Such a practice is not in the best interest of the customer, since the identification of extent of damage then falls to an untrained professional (the customer) and runs counter to the fiduciary responsibility of the auto body repair shop.
When submitting a sand damage claim, it is wise to choose a repair shop that puts your interest above that of the insurance company, and is not hindered by company relationships that run counter to sound repair practices that place the customer first.

The Art and Science of Auto Painting
In the area of Cosmetic Restoration, Auto Painting takes its own special place. Automotive painting requires talent, patience and a good eye for color.
Every vehicle has a paint code, and every paint code has anywhere from 5 to 10 toners that make up the precise
color match.
So significant is that toner blend, that experienced paint technicians must mix and measure in tenths of grams. It takes a trained eye and attention to detail that only a reputable auto paint shop can deliver.

Not All Paints are Created Equal
Quality and cost go hand in hand in automotive painting.
To cut costs, a common practice is for auto paint shops to buy the cheapest primer/sealer, base coat, and clear coat from different paint manufacturers. The end result of these short-sighted budget measures is typically peeling paint that will necessitate yet
another paint job.
Always remember that the proof of quality automotive painting workmanship is in the paint.

Components of an Automotive Painting Estimate
When getting an estimate for car painting, be aware of the number of parts that the paint shop must remove prior to beginning work (door handles, mirrors, bumpers, lights, windows, etc.)

The reason for removal of these parts prior to automotive painting is twofold:
1. To allow for sanding of the existing paint layer to prepare the
    surface for a new finish.
2. To assure that the paint is applied to only the structure and not
    to the accessory parts.

If it appears that critical removal of accessory parts is not included in the estimate, immediately seek out another auto paint shop!
Paramount Auto Body is Dedicated to Excellence in Auto Body Repair That is Safe and Sound

"Safe and Sound" is a phrase that works its way into our daily conversations, but when it comes to auto body repairs, safe and sound are the standards by which all work should be done. And at Paramount, Safe and Sound never meant more.

That's because since 1977, we've witnessed the damage caused by not only impact, but also the force of the inertia that travels the length of the vehicle from point of impact. We know where to look for those points most susceptible to that collateral damage. And because we are active participants in many industry forums, we also keep up with the changes to materials and construction that can alter the way in which a vehicle must be repaired. New technology requires updated auto body repair and painting techniques, and we make sure that we stay ahead of the curve through our extensive involvement with the automotive body repair industry. We work tirelessly to make sure that, given your choice of auto collision repair shops in Northern Nevada, Paramount is your best bet!

Our Dedication Stems from our Commitment to Family.
Paramount Auto Body is family-owned and operated, with strong family ties that go back to young Tim and Steve Waldren helping out in the shop for their dad, Phil.
Now Tim and Steve have taken over Phil's legacy, dedicated to operating Paramount to the same standards that Phil held high and instilled in them at a very young age.
Mom Sharon and sister Anissa handle all the operational and accounting responsibilities, and the family works together every day.
When you are that close to family, you realize how important each and every member of any family is.

That's why we take the Art of Auto Body Collision Repair very seriously, and respect the importance of Safe and Sound in every vehicle we repair.

Thank You for Visiting Our Site! - Tim & Steve

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Loaner Cars Available

As Seen on TV - Paramount Autobody TV Commercials

email button - auto body shops in sparks nv

As Seen on TV - Paramount Autobody TV Commercials

Loaner Cars Available

email button - auto body shops in sparks nv

Loaner Cars Available

As Seen on TV - Paramount Autobody TV Commercials

email button - auto body shops in sparks nv

As Seen on TV - Paramount Autobody TV Commercials

email button - auto body shops in sparks nv

Loaner Cars Available

As Seen on TV - Paramount Autobody TV Commercials