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Reno's Largest Factory Authorized Collision Center That Specializes in RV Parts, RV Service and RV Collision Repair

Designated a Factory Authorized RV Warranty and RV Collision Repair Center by Over 50 of America's Leading RV Manufacturers and Suppliers
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Boat Fiberglass Repairs Take on Many Forms

There are several kinds of fiberglass materials used in boat construction:
chop, matt, weaves, multi-layers or even a combination known as “layered laminates”.
Because of the complexity of these materials, it is critical that fiberglass boat repairs be conducted by an experienced professional who has an understanding of their composition to properly facilitate sound fiberglass repair.

Paramount’s fiberglass repair expertise extends beyond fiberglass boat repairs to RV fiberglass repair. Our extensive RV collision repair knowledge with regard to the properties of RV fiberglass repair material composition, load capacities and even elasticity sets us apart from all others when it comes to any fiberglass repair. Just ask over 50 of American’s Leading RV manufacturers and Suppliers who have designated Paramount a factory-authorized RV Warranty and RV Collision Repair Center, in recognition of our extensive knowledge, outstanding service and quality workmanship. We put that all to work for you in any RV fiberglass collision repair or fiberglass boat repair that you bring to Paramount.

Expert Fiberglass Boat Repairs Require a Blend of Art and Science

In undertaking fiberglass boat repairs, Paramount’s RV Repair experts consider not only the complexity of the materials used in the composition of the fiberglass boat, but even more importantly, the path that the fiberglass repair damage may have traveled throughout your boat, which may not be readily apparent.

Paramount’s Boat Repair Experts follow the inertia transfer path from the impact that may have resulted in the initial damage requiring fiberglass repair, along with other points on the craft where the need for fiberglass repair may not be so obvious.
For example, on a sailboat, it’s important to check the keel area for damage; on an outboard, it would be checking to see if there is need for boat transom repair; and on an inboard, it would be checking for boat stringer repair.

Also of consideration in fiberglass boat repairs is an understanding of the load demands of the fiberglass panel, which can be another safety issue if not accurately assessed.

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Fiberglass repair, especially with regard to boat transom repair, is as much about structural integrity as it is about appearance…maybe even more so because your watercraft not only provides boating pleasure, but also keeps you and your family safe in the water.
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It only makes good sense to have your fibreglass repair performed by professionals whose expertise can guarantee the soundness of your craft upon completion of fiberglass boat repairs.

Boat Gelcoat Repair Is A Combination of Strength and Beauty

Boat gelcoat is the protective outer layer of the fiberglass hull, applied by boat manufacturers in the production process.
The gelcoat serves an important function by sealing porous fiberglass against elements such as water, moisture and the sun’s damaging rays.

Gelcoat in the engine compartment repels grease and oil from penetrating the fiberglass hull of the boat.

Gelcoat also enhances the overall appearance of the craft by giving the boat its color while providing a glossy finish.

Expert Gel Coat Repair Restores Boat Appearance and Structural Integrity

Damage requiring gel coat repair is like a star on your car’s windshield…it will only grow and get worse, necessitating more expensive gelcoat repair if left untreated.

Water will permeate the underlying material beneath the boat gel coat finish, possibly penetrating wood or foam structures and compromising the integrity of your craft. All the more reason to seek out professional boat gelcoat repair and gelcoat refinishing before the structural material is exposed.

Also critical to boat gelcoat repair is making the repair as invisible as possible, which necessitates meticulous color matches and an incredibly smooth finish, requiring the experienced touch of a gelcoat refinishing professional.
Boat gelcoat repair is standard procedure on all fibreglass repair at Paramount RV Repair.

Paramount RV Repair performs gel coat repair and fibreglass repair on power boats, sailboats, Jet Skis and personal watercraft. Other services provided by Paramount include boat transom repair, gelcoat refinishing and boat stringer repair.

Good Boat Maintenance Starts With a Boat’s Gelcoat

The best maintenance plan will preserve the shine and integrity of your boat's gelcoat through a two-part process: cleaning and protecting. Adherence to this plan will help avoid the expense and inconvenience of gel coat repair.

Part 1: Cleaning Your Boat Gelcoat
Cleaning your boat gelcoat thoroughly by removing dirt and debris will help protect the gelcoat and prevent the need for gelcoat refinishing and boat gelcoat repair.
Use specially designed fiberglass cleaners – not household cleaners, which could scratch as they clean. These scratches will speed oxidation and quickly dull your boat gelcoat finish. Paramount’s RV Parts and Accessories Store carries fiberglass cleaners, including some with wax to protect the gelcoat.

Once a boat oxidizes, the hull is vulnerable to greater damage from water penetration.

Signs of Gelcoat Oxidation are:

Part 2: Protecting Your Boat Gelcoat
After thoroughly cleaning the gelcoat with a fiberglass cleaner, the next step to protecting your boat gelcoat is waxing, to maintain the integrity and shine of the boat gelcoat.

Most fiberglass boat waxes are beeswax based, carnuba wax, silicone or a combination of waxes. All are designed to protect the boat gelcoat from ultraviolet rays and the marine environment.

The experts at Paramount’s RV Parts and Accessories Store can help you in the selection of your boat gelcoat treatments, along with proper application procedures.

Other ways to protect against the expense of boat gelcoat refinishing is to use fenders with washable covers to ward off accidental dings and scrapes which eventually lead to the need for gelcoat refinishing or gelcoat repair. Since ultraviolet rays do the most damage, investing in a boat cover or keeping it in a boathouse will also preserve the life of the boat gelcoat.
Boat fenders and boat covers, along with many other safeguards for the protection of your craft, are available at Paramount’s RV Parts and Accessories Store.

Gelcoat Maintenance Information by Erika Watson, Guide

Paramount’s Boat Repair Guarantee

Every fiberglass repair and boat gelcoat repair, along with any boat stringer repair or boat transom repair performed by Paramount RV Repair comes with a 1-year parts and Workmanship Warranty.
Paramount’s warranty must be serviced by Paramount RV Repair or approved by Paramount RV Repair prior to any emergency repairs that would fall under our warranty coverage.

Customers Trust Us

Since 1977, The Waldren Family has been providing Northern Nevada with quality repairs and exceptional service to our customers.

Our knowledgeable staff has over 85 yrs. combined repair experience along with a dedication to serving the RV and boating community, which places Paramount in a class by itself for Northern Nevada Boat Repair.

Insurance Companies Compensate Us

Paramount RV Repair performs a wide range of boat repairs, including fibreglass repair, gelcoat repair, boat transom repair and boat stringer repair work covered by all insurance companies as well as most manufacturer warranties.

When it comes to repairs, today’s insurance coverage negotiations are intricate and can be complex in light of not only repair issues, but also safety considerations.
That’s why it’s in your best interest to have Paramount negotiate your boat repair costs and coverage, to insure the optimum result for you, our customer.

Paramount also sells nationally-recognized  extended warranties Protective Logo - sparks nv fiberglass boat repair.
Extended Warranties for Boats and Personal Watercraft.

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